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April 22, 2015

Where are we? Or more clearly, were am I?

To the plus side:

Our two bathroom house finally has a second toilet and it’s low flow.

There is low flow in the shower.

Our property is an estimated 4800 sqft. Approximately half of that space is used by the house, carport and driveway.  We packed the remaining space with subsistence in mind.

In a neighborhood where most yards have traditionally sported dead lawns, ours is long gone. Instead we have a zoned front yard with drought tolerant plants near the street and  a mix of young fruit trees, veggies, berries and flowers  closer to the house. While this makes us the weirdest neighbors on the block, I think we have had an influence. the rest of the street has noticeably improved their yard care since I began grubbing around ours.

Most of the front and back yard are on timed nighttime sprinklers. (more…)

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