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Yep, worth a read:

Hurricane Katrina: Lessons Not Learned by Walter Brasch.

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Results are in:

al Jazeera reported:

[WASHINGTON — Fox News’ prime-time GOP presidential debate on Thursday was a huge success for the broadcaster, with initial ratings showing that an astonishing 16 percent of U.S. households tuned in. But the event may have been less beneficial to the Republican Party, which hoped, after its chaotic 2012 primaries, to select a presidential nominee in a more orderly, less divisive and less damaging fashion.]

Whether that 16% really represents 16% of 115,610,216 US census counted households or 16% of FOX News total reported 87,058,000 household viewers, its a very poor showing for providing voter information.

The rest is all smoke and mirrors; he said-she said, and storytelling by the media.

We will have wait a little longer to see, of all the strings being pulled, which puppet “Big Brother” will finally present for the bow and roses.




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Yet again we are subjected to politics as presented by those who would direct how we are to vote.

A presidential debate should not be dictated by a performance of political performance stars who have at most 10 minutes to pontificate on inane and cute zinger questions that a large percentage of the US population can’t even see. (more…)

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