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The de rigueur, White House barbeque is scheduled on the South Lawn today, with fireworks later.

Bad press always seems to come when Obama is on a trip. Obama et al, will be in route to Moscow Sunday night; anyone want to guess what un-pleasantries will unfold while he’s gone?

I’m in Phoenix, recuperating from the effects of 3500 screaming teenage girls, (and their supporters) in a weeklong volleyball tournament that was held here, last week . I had thought we would check out some of the local scenery, like the Tonto National Park. However, since it appears we need to purchase passes, maybe we will do that tomorrow.

If the last week is any judge, the club sport of volleyball is still on the rise among women. The logistics, support, organization and plain money that it takes to transport teenagers, coaches, parents, and grandparents to this yearly event, from all over the United States; and places like Canada, Puerto Rico and Italy is pretty astonishing.

As one of the screaming supporters, therefore, I personally am disturbed by the recent UC Davis settlement, which will allow a Title IX deviation to 1.5% from the previous 5% proportion of female athletes to female students. UC Davis has a women’s volleyball team. The settlement has the potential to undermine future Title IX rulings.

It’s not good enough, folks.

In the meantime, as Dennis Kucinich says, troop movement is not the same as troop withdrawal.

The Inspector General is still not releasing the report of the CIA’s interrogation tactics.

And, as been blogged elsewhere today, Michael Jackson is still dead.

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