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So, what’s up with all the Adam Gadahn stories? I’m sitting here looking at my home town paper, that ran the AP story of his capture on March 7th. Even ABC put a story out. Now, the WH is playing word games.  Might almost make a person think someone “disappeared” him.

Gaggle by Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton aboard Air Force One en route Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, 3/8/10
Aboard Air Force One
En Route Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
10:25 A.M. EST
[…Q    On Pakistan, what has the President been updated on in terms of this American that’s been detained there?
MR. BURTON:  Well, we haven’t confirmed any detainments, and I would refer you to the Pakistani government for information about individuals that they’ve detained.

Q    Has he been getting updates, though, on these reports that it could have been Gadahn and now they’ve backed off that?
MR. BURTON:  I assure you that the President gets regular updates about what intelligence there is about people who are detained and what’s happening in the fight against extremists all over the world….]


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Been There…

Oh, joy.

As person who can get motion sick swimming in a pool, don’t expect me to come over to watch the football game on THIS.

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