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Let me just say that when you are a 65 year old crazy person springing out of bed in the middle of the night like a fairy ready to spread pixie dust, well, that’s pretty good proof.

Another good proof is your subjection to endless cascades of multiples of mini cartoonish 50-60’s vignettes that slide across your brain in screen saver time. (Hmm. My brain, my stuff, a 20 year old must see  the 1990’s. And why  DO screen savers float at those speeds?)

Add that to my attempt to get back on line and spread my bloggy goodness around, well let me just say to  others – DON’T.  Computers should be added to the warning list of things not to drive on Norco. (Hydrocodone)

So, apologies to anyone if I made you uncomfortable. I’ve been off a few more days now and am so much better. (I think?)

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