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I am struck by the irony of October being National Domestic Violence Month, and that I failed to commemorate it in this blog. I have been drawn into a neighbor’s struggle to begin her life anew due to domestic violence. Her lift to flight is occurring now and she will soar by the end of the month to a new county, and hopefully, a better life. Perhaps this is October’s best tribute. If there is anything I have learned from this experience, it is that from the outside, a person’s struggle to break free can appear to be something very different. At various times many of us in the neighborhood, including me, have thought her to be a liar, thief, drug user, public resource manipulator, and certainly, an indifferent mother. (more…)

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National Feral Cat Day

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Did you know that rather than feral cats, environmental and habitat destruction are the primary  cause of declining bird populations?

Did you know that trapping, neutering and releasing (TNR) of feral cats is a better way to deal with population control? If you remove a colony, new un-neutered  or un-spayed ferals move into the vacuum created by the loss of the previous colony.

Did you know that the death rate for feral cats sent to the shelter is nearly 100%? Since most can’t be socialized they can’t be adopted. Individuals in managed feral colonies are healthier, quieter, less destructive, vaccinated against rabies, and have a life span comparable to pet cats.

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