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Update. Utube purported to post the full debate. It it not. If you want to send your cookies to uTube and bear the inserted adds for a portion of the debate wander on over there.

Update. What do you know! WaPo posted a transcript:

The third Republican debate transcript, annotated – The Washington Post

We are at the point in the presidential election process where I point out  how our rights and obligations as voters are obliterated by corporations and their political party’s shenanigans, who require that we hook into their matrix, pay them a ridiculous monthly sum under a year long contract, to observe and evaluate presidential political debates.

If I can find a transcript afterwards I will post it. however, with the lock CNBC has on this fiasco, I’m not hopeful.

In case you missed my viewpoint from earlier posts, it’s that debates should be hosted by the League of Women Voters, or the like, on CSPAN, for free. CSPAN should be paid for by the Government, rather than as a tax deduction for corporate media. It should be on free TV, and freely available on the web.

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