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I don’t think I’ve ever spent a holiday season like this where I have been so betwixt and between. I can barely see in my mind the marker of this week, much less absorb it. I have little sense of accomplishment and am overwhelmed with the demands the new year will bring. The little rituals that the season asks were not done. The ground is not ready. The finances are not there.

I’m falling.

I’m hoping the light in the hole in which I land will be bright enough to gather all those straws I have been grasping. Then, I can weave a Nordic star to light my way out. Appropriate, since I will soon be living in the land of straw.

And wind and dust.

My brain wants to plan and manage, but the truth is my future is unknowable right now. I don’t know if I have the energy for what is coming. I’m whining; and, that is ridiculous because my favorite places have always been in the waste zones.

Waste zones are a land of opportunity. They are the underrated property, the space where imagination takes root and can grow a sparkling new entity. They are a land of mental uncertainty too.

I just have to trust that this hole into which I am falling is a waste zone of opportunity.

As for all of you, I hope you have avoided the hole, or have landed well and are happily on your way to your new year. We have passed the shortest day and a new life is budding. If there is that, there is more.

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From Wapo:

3rd Democratic debate transcript, annotated: Who said what and what it meant – The Washington Post

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From Wapo: 5th Republican debate transcript, annotated: Who said what and what it meant – The Washington Post

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From NYT:undercard debate

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151211 -Reblogged from Shadowproof:

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a U.S. government effort to have a historic decision in a case involving post-9/11 detainee abuse overturned.

Source: Appeals Court Refuses to Shield Top Bush Officials From Lawsuit Against Post-9/11 Abuses

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Reblogged from Reality Check:

It’s not a contradiction to believe that gun control is good while abortion restrictions are ineffective violations of basic human rights. Abortion access improves society, whereas the proliferation of guns simply leads to more violence.

Source: Time to Stop Restricting Abortion and Start Restricting Assault Weapons

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Hanukkah or Chanukah begins today. Do you know the basics?

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Reblogged from the UN news Centre:

As the United Nations climate change conference (COP21) marked ‘ Day’ with dozens of events happening throughout its sprawling venue in the north-east of Paris, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the purpose of the occasion was to highlight solutions the world “ urgently” needs.

Source: United Nations News Centre – span style=color:#009933COP21:/span UN chief says ‘today is about action by all sectors of society’

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Sept. 10th, 1955, Gunsmoke – Season 7, Episode 34 “The Boys”

Professor: “Yessir, we’re gonna bleed this town white!”

The professor, named Pa, heads a family of grifters and robs a stage dressed as Indians, killing and maiming the riders. Then they talk the Dodge town folks into hunting the “Indians” for pay.

Banker Hank Green:-“We gotta do something to protect ourselves from those Indians……”

The grifters go out and kill three innocent Indians. “Just like shootin’ fish in a barrel”….

Hank Green: “Well Marshall, it looks like our Indian troubles are over. …”

Hank Green: “Ain’t no such thing as an innocent Indian. …”

Matt Dillion: “That stage wasn’t held up with bows and arrows. Do you see what these men have done? They have gone out and murdered three innocent Indians.”

Hank Green: “There ain’t no law against killin’ Indians….”

Matt Dillion: “Those are men-I don’t what color they are and they’ve been murdered. That’s the dirtiest money you men will ever earn…”


There were a lot of messages early media taught us. In September 1955, segregation was still in effect, yet by December Rosa Parks had been arrested, and the Montgomery Bus Boycott was beginning. Termination of Tribal and Sovereignty rights had been underway since 1953. In doing so, Congress attempted yet another land grab from Native Americans.

Yet here was Matt Dillion, by all accounts a great upstanding mythical American hero, speaking from his heart for three Non-Christian men of color.  I say from his heart, because, as Hank Green indicated, it wasn’t illegal to shoot them, then, in Gunsmoke land.

Don’t give me any simplistic crap about “Old Yeller”. You gotta wonder about the metaphor of rabid behavior that someone like Ted Nugent presents when he invokes that yellow hound. It appears he got stuck on Disney level and his parents didn’t let him stay up for the  westerns. It’s unfortunate ’cause he is still having tantrums. Maybe that usurped western hat he wears hides tears and teenage angst.

And what about WND? are they trying to win back their spot on SPLC’s hate map in Oregon or what?



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Well, you know. From Charleston Heston’s cold dead hand.

355 shooting sprees this year, with 8 days off in April.

I feel so protected.

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