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Reblogged from the UN news Centre:

As the United Nations climate change conference (COP21) marked ‘ Day’ with dozens of events happening throughout its sprawling venue in the north-east of Paris, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the purpose of the occasion was to highlight solutions the world “ urgently” needs.

Source: United Nations News Centre – span style=color:#009933COP21:/span UN chief says ‘today is about action by all sectors of society’

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151113 – Paris is Attacked


Update: the Death Tones were in Paris and scheduled to play in that concert hall on Saturday.

Correction: the Band was from Palm Desert CA:

Eagles of Death Metal

Their schedule was widely available online.

At least 60 people killed, bombing at the Stade de France with 80 thousand fans, a resturant and a concert hall where a Def Metal concert was just finishing and hostages were taken. If you aren’t watching you should be:




Though there are reports that the gunmen yelled this is for Syria, there is no claim of responsibility yet. However, a CIA rep mentions Yemen and ISIS as possible culprits.

Attacks in Paris (If you are there.)
Emergency number: 0800 40 60 05 For any information listen to 107.1 FM

Shelter inside.

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