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Yep.. What Desert Beacon Said:

Desert Beacon

Waahmbulance Presidential candidate Donald Trump sends out an offensive item on social media. When it’s pointed out that the source of the graphic showing Secretary Clinton next to a Star of David atop a pile of currency – what says usurious Jew more blatantly? – the graphic is replaced with a circle taking the place of the star. Then the explanations begin:

Former Trump campaign official Lewandowski, “It’s political correctness run amok.” [TheHill] It’s just like a sheriff’s badge – if the badge didn’t have globes at each point. And when a CNN anchor tried to get a Trump spokesperson to define political correctness this morning during a broadcast all she got for her efforts was a diversion into a claim that the Clinton Foundation acceptance of funds from Arab nations was “anti-Semitic.” [CNN]

As in the case of so much else in the conservative…

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