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Those Darn Nit Pickers

The mind wobbles at this soap opera. Imagine for a moment that the story about Senator Obama’s Citizenship raises enough cry that the general media does take it up.

What happens next? (more…)

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TexasDarlin has an update on the birth certificate conundrum, read all the comments, before you assume it’s over. The whole thing reads like something out of the National Inquirer. Come on Barack, make this go away! Why does your citizenship even have to be a question, at this stage of the game? If McCain can get his straightened out, why can’t you”? He took care of his Panama issue months ago.

*Breaking* Sister Maya’s Name Uncovered on Alleged Obama Birth Certificate [Update]

August 5, 2008 · 231 Comments


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In case you have been hibernating under a rock, or vacationing on the Galapagos lately, there has been an ongoing debate over the state of Senator Obama’s “Birth Certificate” and citizenship. No Quarter has been keeping tabs. What is wanted, of course, is transparency, just like for all those IL State Senate papers we have never seen. Check this out and read the supporting links in the blog:

Birth Certificate: Obama, Soetoro, or Dunham?

By TexasDarlin on July 30, 2008 at 7:29 PM in Barack Obama, Certification of Live Birth, Dual Citizenship, Dunham, Indonesia, Soetoro, birth certificate, eligibility, hawaii

NOTE: This summarizes the status of our investigation and current theories. (Links at end.)


Anyone else think the family’s upcoming Vacation to Hawaii might be related to the quest for enlightment?

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