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Update -Politico is reporting that the bill has passed, 60-39. As soon as I get the roll call vote I’ll provide a link.

Politico is reporting that the bill is set for a final vote this afternoon.

Reg reform bill hits homestretch

By: Carrie Budoff Brown

July 15, 2010 11:38 AM EDT

President Barack Obama moved closer Thursday to securing his second major legislative victory, as financial reform legislation cleared another significant hurdle in the Senate on its way to final passage.

By a tighter margin than either party predicted months ago, the Senate voted 60 to 38 to end debate on the bill, setting up a final vote scheduled for 2 p.m.


The final bill up for Senate vote is entitled “Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010”, and it’s identification is H.R. 4173, a House of Representatives designation. Text from the Senate bill S.3217 was inserted into H.R 4173 prior to this final vote. The record of Congressional Actions indicating how we got to this point is HERE.

The bill is available in PDF. Go HERE to download it. It is number 5 on the list and is 1616 pages. It was 2.4 MB and took a few minutes on dial up.

I’m only just starting to read it. (See what OpenCongress says HERE.)Starting from the last pages, I see that we are introducing a protocol for monitoring and deterring the introduction of rare minerals from the Congo and nearby regions. Although the stated primary reason is to reduce the money supply to rebels and terrorists, it is likely to also help to protect habitat for gorillas. It’s amazing what they will stick in at the end.

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