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Update: Senator Boxer has just sent an email stating the STUPAK AMENDMENT NOT INCLUDED IN THE SENATE BILL! She is asking to petition signers to help prevent the amendment from being included once the debate starts. Here is her petition page:


Politico.com reports Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) will vote to begin debate, leaving them only one shy.

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The Iowa Independent reports that The GOP is threatening a filibuster of the health bill, by reading the entire thing. It makes me wish I could get C-Span all over again. Senator Tom Harkin is promising that if they do the Dems will maneuver to delay Thanksgiving break.  How many 24 hr. days to you need to read 2000 odd pages?

Harkin thinks they have the 60 votes, expects a motion to proceed by Friday and have it all over but the shouting by  the Christmas Holiday. Lovely. Read the link:

Harkin promises long nights of health care debate

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