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I’m crossposting this article from chinaview because it is so important.  It is in line with the recent FDA warning to beware of infant formula in Asian markets. The facts now are that this was going on at the same time we had melamine related pet deaths in the United States. Be sure and click on the link below to read the entire article:

Three year cover up in China milk scandal

Posted by chinaview on September 19, 2008

The Radio Australia, September 19, 2008-

[Reports in the Chinese media suggest the company at the centre of a contaminated milk scandal knew it had a problem as far back as 2005.

Our correspondent Kerri Ritchie reports, more than 6,000 children in China are sick and four babies have died after drinking milk laced with melamine.

Chinese media is reporting dairy company Sanlu knew its products were contaminated three years ago but kept quiet.

Sanlu’s chairwoman has been sacked along with a number of government officials.

New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra part-owns Sanlu.

Fonterra knew about the crisis six weeks before it went public.

New Zealand trade minister Phil Goff doesn’t believe Fonterra’s representatives at Sanlu should be arrested but he says Fonterra should learn some lessons.

“China is a market of huge opportunity but it’s also a market which operates quite differently from New Zealand,” he said.

Fonterra says it’s now doing all it can to make things right.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government quality watchdog says nearly 10 per cent of milk samples taken from top Chinese dairy companies was contaminated by melamine….]


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