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Many years ago, I received a call from my father and listened to the sound of calm terror in his voice, when he told me that he he had been diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Last month I heard that sound again.

This month has been a flurry of tests and appointments, planning and treatments to battle non small cell lung cancer.

Who knows the future? There is today and what is folded into life’s pattern.

One thing my analogic brain noted was that the Kenyan mall was reported on one news station as a Westfield Mall. In my experience, the Australian Westfield Corporation takes over other malls, rough shods contractors, aggressively nit picks pennies over larger long term savings, sucks what they can out of the malls and passes them on with superficial and minimal improvements. I imagine the corporate structure and  bottom line for them is similar in most locations, so I wonder how a tangential condition, like worldwide mall management similarities, plays into considerations of terrorism, anger and murder. (more…)

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OMG!? Why try to meet with the brother AFTER you have written the book?  Can you be any more self indulgent then to try and personally promote your book in Kenya? Is there anything a writer could do more to cause himself to crash and burn, then to create an international incident, look like a fool, and bring question to his “work”?

Kenya deports anti-Obama author

Jerome Corsi, author of “Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality,” tried to launch his new book, but violated immigration rules, Kenyan officials say.

By Rob Crilly | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor

from the October 8, 2008 edition

[Nairobi, Kenya – The neoconservative author of an anti-Barack Obama book was detained and ordered out of Kenya on Tuesday night for not having a proper work permit, said Kenyan officials….]


I Own My Vote, PUMA, The Denver Group, Just Say No Deal

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