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The Equal Opportunity Equation

It’s been hot for days. Sans the air conditioner in 102 degrees weather, the idea of typing lyricism into a sticky keyboard, while worrying about whether my dripping sweat is going to short it out, has provided an easy prohibition to the effort. Really though, the last two weeks have been too overwhelming. The effort to record and distill the events has been too hard a task. Finally, Gloria Steinhem helped with her recent article.

Clearly some voted for Barack Obama simply because he was biracial. The pull to do so is understandable. No matter what, his accomplishment is now a signpost of the future. So in that sense, something has already been accomplished. The final test will be, if he is elected, whether we have moved past the other affirmative action hurdle; an unfair requirement for a higher standard of competency. Let us remind ourselves that a true test of equal rights is that, after we are hired, we have an equal opportunity to have a different viewpoint, and an equal right to fail with equal consequences, in our efforts. We don’t like to think this way in relation to a Presidential pick, but there it is. (more…)

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