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Democrats- John McCain gets something and you still don’t!

Not hooked up, in line, beaming in, or otherwise whiz banged? The McCain Campaign has been sending a message. Just like Clinton did, McCain has been putting out campaign ads for the last two weeks to the folks with regular TV.

You know who those folks are, the 30-40% of the population, who get up early in the morning to watch the news, the folks who can’t afford the extras, or just don’t like to pay for what’s offered, the folks who are worried about the economy and VOTE?

They’ve been running these ads in my neighborhood. We are near Travis Air Force Base, in California. Except for Clinton’s and the local runs, we NEVER get campaign ads.

We aren’t even a contested state, are we?

I Own My Vote, Just Say NO Deal, PUMA PAC, The Denver Group

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