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This announcement strikes close to home. It is a good reminder of why, even though Title IX was a leap forward for women, women’s rights are still vulnerable. This is especially true in these times of financial stress. Women, and the men who support them, must be vigilant that cirriculum cuts if required, are evenhanded.

 May 14, 2009

Quinnipiac University Sued for Title IX Violation

by Kolbe Franklin, Program Assistant, 

National Women’s Law Center

In a recent suit in federal court, the members of the female volleyball team at Quinnipiac University, along with their coach, have charged the University with violating Title IX based on its decision to eliminate the sport. With support from the Connecticut chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, the suit claims that the University has continually failed to provide equal athletic opportunity for its female students and that the recent decision to eliminate volleyball has further exacerbated the problem. Despite comprising 62 percent of the student body, women have historically received only around half of all athletic resources.


Imagine, if instead, the ERA were ratified and women’s rights were guaranteed by the Constitution!


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