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Another first – not from the United States. Julia Gillard was voted in as the first woman  Prime Minister of Australia today. She stood unopposed after Kevin Rudd was dumped.

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In time for the Anniversary of Title IX, The National Women’s Law Center has put out a new Guide entitled: “It’s Your Education: How Title IX Protections Can Help You”. It’s going to be on my reading list for this week. What we don’t know is what can hurt us.

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Want to reform the Democratic Texas Two Step? changethecaucus.org has announced a meeting for 9-11 AM Friday, June 25, 2010, at the State Convention in Room 225 D-E, American Bank Center.

Check HERE for the full notice.

Several precincts have be able to get resolutions passed in their March conventions proposing changes to the rules, which in turn then made it through then the process approval at senatorial district, or county conventions.   They are to be considered next by the Rules Committee at the State Convention.

Change the Caucus Org needs volunteers to collect signatures on a petition, to persuade folks to get the party rules changed.

They are also looking for folks to run for election to the Rules Committee who are interested in changing the Party Rules.

If you have questions or you can help collect signatures on Friday or Saturday, please contact Scott Cobb by email at scottcobb99@gmail.com. You can also call Scott at 512 552 4743 or Linda Burgess at 512 529 7235.

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