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The FDA ends the comment period today on genetically engineered salmon, trout and tilapia.

Dubbed “frankenfish” after the movie, A brief bio is HERE.

Tell the FDA that ANY chance of these fish breeding with native fish is too great a chance.


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Obama speaks at Planned Parenthood

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Sanders Holds Hearing on Successful Primary Care Programs – Newsroom: Bernie Sanders – U.S. Senator for Vermont.


I know no one ever clicks the links, but I did think it was interesting that now only 30% of physicians in the US are general practitioners, as opposed to 70% elsewhere. One consequence of this is more expensive medical costs.

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We ponder the idiocy of a under-regulated pile of ammonium nitrate, and its death and destruction, in the lax and uncaring Texas sun. Even as the perennial day of green effort arrives, we point fingers at others, and refuse to be part of the solution.

Earth Day 2013

What will we do to stop this madness?

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