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July 20, 1969 – Apollo II lands on the moon. It was a time when every eye and ear was glued to the future unfolding on our TV set.

July 20, 2013 – As was noted on Bill Moyer’s the other night, most of the big channels failed to carry President Obama’s speech, June 25th, given at Georgetown University, on climate change, thought to be one of the most significant given to date. I suddenly realized I had only seen the notice of it. So here it is:

Remarks by the President on Climate Change | The White House.

Now that I’ve read it I agree, I think it was his best speech, full of facts, clear, clarion, and not wandering off at the end like he sometimes does.

His plan graphic  to fight climate change is HERE.

The layout is too big to show here, but the charts are simple and clear, indicating things like 2012 being the 2nd most extreme on record, and the warmest. It is really worth reviewing and downloading as a classroom wall hanging.

A pdf of his written plan is president27sclimateactionplan.

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We ponder the idiocy of a under-regulated pile of ammonium nitrate, and its death and destruction, in the lax and uncaring Texas sun. Even as the perennial day of green effort arrives, we point fingers at others, and refuse to be part of the solution.

Earth Day 2013

What will we do to stop this madness?

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Against the background of the Chinese refusal to allow monitoring of green house emissions and insistence that the 1992 treaty be honored in which they are to receive assistance toward the reduction of such emissions, the US Agenda was that of “pragmatism”.  Meanwhile smaller nations, notably from Africa, walked out briefly in protest on Monday over proposed assistance and perceived sidelining of the Kyoto Protocol.

Through the week concerns continued that progress of the overall climate negotiations regarding technical, financial and emotional issues, for an interim agreement, was too slow and would leave too much unsettled when world leaders sit down to negociate a binding global accord next year.

SOS Hillary Clinton was scheduled to attend today’s conference and leaders events in advance of the President’s arrival on the 18th.

Then today, Japan Times reported the following:

Thursday, Dec. 17, 2009

Gridlock threatens to doom COP15


Staff writers

[COPENHAGEN — U.N. negotiators at the COP15 conference worked through the night Tuesday, increasingly desperate to reach agreement before more than 120 world leaders gather Thursday night and Friday and following an official warning that the stalemated negotiations could doom the conference….

…One of the main sticking points on financing is which developing countries should receive financial assistance. U.S. officials have stressed they would refuse to provide China with funds. On Tuesday, China said the world’s poorest and most vulnerable should be prioritized, a sign Beijing may agree to U.S. demands that funding target small island states in the Pacific or African nations threatened by global warming, rather than large, industrialized developing countries such as itself…]


Neither China nor the US has yet signed the Kyoto Protocol as regarding green house gas emission.  This is a continuing major issue for many signatory countries. Most would prefer to keep the Kyoto Protocol, however, there is negotiation ongoing to develop a second legally binding protocol that the US might sign.

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If you are  on something faster than dial-up, the 15th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen, Denmark  has a live feed HERE, as presented by the US State Dept. Even if you are on dial up, the link is worth visiting, because it contains the agenda of the conference, running between December 7th and 18th. The list of issues is impressive, there is a summary of each below, and there are many .pdf documents available for download at this site.  Today’s agenda in Copenhagen time is:

Wednesday, December 16
9:00-10:00 AM Climate Federalism: U.S. States in Partnership with U.S. EPA
10:15-11:15 AM The U.S. Transportation Sector: A Part of the Climate Solution
11:30-12:30 PM The Science of Climate Change
4:45-5:45 PM Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Bioenergy: a New Tool for Reporting and Comparing Lifecycle Analyses
6:00-7:00 PM National Security Implications of Climate Change
Copenhagen is 9 hours ahead of San Francisco.

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