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Aggie’s Farm

Well, it’s Texas, and Eastern Texas at that. As a “Bay Area Native Californian” I have a few ingrained opinions about which I would have to be polite. Texans would have a few about me.

If, however, I were a little younger, or no..

If I had a partner who wasn’t tied to local medical needs..or..

if I had a enough money to hire some support..

I’d be looking at this place real hard:

Aggie’s Farm

This bi-coastal world we USAns are all living in is not sustainable-not environmentally, not socially, not politically. This new climate is going to require that at least a few of us develop a different kind of pioneering spirit, look to the past, and move. No. I’m not talking about being a “Prepper”, though self-sufficiency isn’t a bad thing. I’m not referring to all those urban Californians that made the move to Texas after 2009, because they thought there would be tech jobs.

Rural life can be a different kind of hard, especially if you need an outside job to sustain it. However, this farm is a chance to put sustainable/renewable living to work. It’s a chance to develop an alternative to a compartmentalized life. It’s a chance to away from the smog, noise, and missing starlight. If you have been building your personal expertise toward permaculture and a sustainable/regenerative lifestyle, now might be the time to jump.

Look at this place! This area gets 50″ of rain a year, Lou and Aggie have done a lot of the hard work already. They reached as high as they could, and would stay there if they could get investors. Maybe you could talk them into staying on to oversee the farm.

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