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Good Afternoon! It’s just one devastating hit to the constitution, civil rights, global stability, science, women, our allies, our citizens of color, our GLBT citizens, journalists, National …

Source: Friday: Will the US ever be the US again?

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For your use. May I say, it was quite good tonight and it was wonderful to view it on free TV on PBS. Thank you, KVIE!

Transcript: The Democratic debate in Milwaukee, annotated

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Below find the transcript for the first 2015 Democratic debate:

The Democratic presidential candidates met in Las Vegas for a primetime debate on CNN.

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Gotta pull the Band-Aid off and let the air get to the entire wound.

When a whole bunch of people stand up for what’s right, things can start to change. Amazing. “Thousands Gather for Peace Event.

The biggest indication yet that the Confederate flag might be on its way to a museum is that Walmart has decided to stop selling items with that divisive logo.

Or, maybe they figured out that since California banned the flag in 2014 there wasn’t enough of a market.

PBS had this to say about the Confederate flag yesterday.

And other news, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia has been sold to these corporate developers(raiders).

Might not hurt to access that recipe you wanted, now.

Looks like Martha will do all right, though.

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From the Speier Website:

Rep Speier Commends District Court Ruling Allowing Fraud Lawsuit Against Lehman Brothers


SAN MATEO, CA – Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-San Mateo/San Francisco) today commended the decision yesterday by U.S. District judge Lewis Kaplan, Southern District New York, that allows a lawsuit for fraud against the officers and directors of failed Lehman Brothers to move forward.

The suit is led by San Mateo County, joined by Monterey County, the Cities of Burbank, Ventura, Auburn, as well as the Contra Costa Water District, Vallejo Sanitation and Flood Control District, and Zenith Insurance Company in seeking to hold Lehman Brothers’ officers and directors, and accountant liable for false statements Lehman Brothers made prior to selling investments to the public. It is the first decision in the country addressing individual investors’ claims since Lehman’s bankruptcy.

“It is shocking that more than four years later no one at Lehman has been held accountable for the failed—and possibly criminal—actions of its leadership.  State and local governments across the country who invested taxpayer dollars in supposedly safe “investment grade” Lehman securities had to cancel important projects, layoff employees and make other drastic service cuts to make up for their losses.

“San Mateo County alone lost more than $100 million in those “safe” investments. They lost, but others, like former Lehman CEO Richard Fuld, profited handsomely from Lehman’s reckless actions.

“I was particularly gratified that the Court allowed the claim of fraudulent conveyance of millions of dollars of real estate to his wife to proceed, calling the motion to dismiss “frivolous.”

At a House Financial Services Committee hearing in April 2010, I questioned Mr. Fuld about the transfer of his $13 million Florida estate in November 2008 to his wife for $100. His claim that the transfer was not intended to shield his assets immediately following Lehman’s collapse was not just frivolous, it was ludicrous.

“It is about time that those whose greed, arrogance and fraud caused this crisis be held personally responsible.”

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Myths vs Realities of Pentagon Spending | Research | Center for International Policy.

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If you were out chopping wood to heat your house, after the weather we have had, you might have missed the tie-in of the Sandra Fluke story leading up to today’s vote to table the Blunt Bomb otherwise known as S.1467 – Respect for Rights of Conscience Act of 2011². Last night, while trying to fall asleep, I came upon Nancy Pelosi’s pronouncement condemning Rush Limbaugh’s demented misogyny directed toward Ms. Fluke. I sure hope college student Fluke sues the gizzard out of Limbaugh and Clear Channel Vision and all those 600 stations and Bain Capital and Thomas H. Lee Partners.

Keep in mind though, Limbaugh is just the potty-mouth lap dog for those other paternalists who wouldn’t even let her speak at their hearing. I loved that the Pelosi site linked to this Think Progress page posted by Alex Seitz-Wald:

…[ While it¹s probably not even worth engaging with Limbaugh on the facts, Fluke¹s testimony was about a friend who is a lesbian and needed birth control for non-sexual medical reasons, so he¹s only wrong about three times over, and offensive many more times over than that….]

Clear Channel is to be blamed for this tripe. This kind of free speech does not deserve a 400 million dollar reward. That’s 50 million a year, and since his 8 year contract runs till 2016 we are going to be subjected to it for a while, unless we do something. COMPLAIN!!! BOYCOTT THE SERVICE!!

Clear Channel is owned by two groups. The first is Bain Capital which over the years has leveraged buy-outs on a lot of big name companies.

Founders for Bain Capital include:

Mitt Romney

T. Coleman Andrews III

Eric Kriss

Clear Channel’s other group is Thomas H. Lee Partners,(THL) which among other numerous assets, recently bought Warner Music Group. They also leverage big buy-outs.

The top three people for THL are:

Vice Chairman and Managing Director David Harkins
http://www.corporationwiki.com/Massachusetts/Boston/david-v-harkins/30357908 .aspx

Vice Chairman Scott Schoen

Co-President Scott Sperling
http://www.corporationwiki.com/Massachusetts/Boston/scott-sperling-P7833817. aspx

Sex is for two. Contraception is for humans. If there weren’t any men, women wouldn’t need it.

By the way, I hope you noticed who was at the top of the Bain list. No wonder he wasn’t sure how to answer.

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