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Rocky Mountain News has reported that the advertisement cost of this event for a wannabe president was 4 million.

They’ve called him a Lightworker and the Messiah. If you thought that was whooey, an opposing reason has turned up! You should know about the separatists, who keep trying to divide California. It’s been going on for years. It’s really just another devious plot to engender partisan separatism. See, Lightworkers and the Messiah complex are all about Northern California; specifically the Bay Area.

What’s going to happen tonight, is all about Southern California, North Hollywood, and specifically, Tony Robbins!

Frankly, even though I live in Northern California, I like the Robbins explanation better. I’d prefer not to have these factions fighting when Arnold just told us he’s going to have to raise taxes, and cut back schools.

Make a statement. Watch “Pushing Up Daisies” tonight, instead of being a party to the ‘THE GREAT COMING”. Why does anyone need to spend another 1 million to sell you? Support the channel that didn’t go there. Or, if you just can’t, watch PBS, or READ A BOOK!

It’s always more clear, later, in the transcript of the words. After all, isn’t that what he has to adhere to? His word? If you just have to watch, download the PDF in the link first, and stand prepared!


I Own My Vote, PUMA, The Denver Group, Just Say No Deal

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Why government statistics are a better thing than this, and we go ’round in circles.

-Update: apparently Paul Sniderman was involved in at least helping to score the survey. It still isn’t clear whether he helped develop it, although he has ages of experience in teaching race relations. His name runs back to the Clinton years with his first book, “The Scar of Race” published in 1993.-

Riverdaughter has a good blog on her view of the recent AP Yahoo survey pontificated upon in Politico. She refers to Politico’s take in the link below:

The AP is working for the Republicans

Posted on September 21, 2008 by riverdaughter

[How else do we explain the AP-Yahoo study that purports to show that one third of Democrats will not vote for Obama because of his race.  Only 59% of Clintonistas will vote for Obama (Really?  We’ve been that successful?!  Alright! {{high-fives all around}}).  So there must be a correlation between the reluctance of these former Hillary people and their prejudices….]


Or not.


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