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On my travels through FaceBook today, I came across an astounding announcement over at the National ACLU site. It isn’t yet on their webpage. It said:

ACLU Nationwide: BREAKING: Obama shockingly adds abortion coverage ban to new insurance pools for women with pre-existing conditions. More soon.2 hours ago


Looking for any source, I found two.

Earned Media, a rightist site reported:

Administration Reiterates That No Federal Funds Will Be Used for Abortion

“Despite Claims by Republican Groups, High Risk Pools will not pay for Abortion”


Then there was NARAL:

Pro-Choice America Speaks Out!


Statement on Obama Administration Policy Excluding Abortion Coverage from High-Risk Pools

[Washington, D.C. – Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, called the Obama administration’s decision today to exclude abortion coverage from newly created high-risk pools wrongheaded and inexplicable….]


Bemusedly, I looked for any announcements from the White House, but there was only one up to the time of this blog, an Executive Order on March 24th.

Now I don’t know about you, but I thought it was pretty clear from the Order in March, even if you didn’t grasp all of the nuances of the , so recently in our memory, that existing conditions for women were never part of the final deal. That’s just one more reason the Act was so heinous for women. In March, over at the Confluence, people were having this kind of discussion about it.

RH Reality check had the best discussion of today’s debate HERE.

So, what is with these groups? Are they really so slow on the uptake? Or is something else going on? If Nancy (I don’t believe in abortion, but I run NARAL and spent big bucks to get Obama elected and drop kick Clinton) is screaming, it must be about something else? Koolaid withdrawals? The start of a new battle?

Hey what do I know, I’m just one of those low information working class voters, with dial-up. Someone out there in blog land, enlighten me.

No enlightenment thus far. Maybe it’s as mundane as basic “Velveteen Rabbit” legaleze. It’s not real until you rub it’s fur off and pull its eyes out, and the PA kurfluffle is a first test. If that’s the case why not present it like that instead of pretending it’s some new horribleness?

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Link over to the Confluence HERE. They caught it as Senator Boxer was able to effectuate  tabling the  Nelson Amendment on abortion. I’ll have more later.

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Sorry. No time to get this out today. I’m still reading the health bill. If you also want to read it, HERE is the link Nancy Pelosi’s website. The House Version of the Bill H.R. 3962 is available in a .pdf download link on the upper right hand corner, under Issue Spotlight. H.R. 3961 is now part of the bill and won’t download, so I think It’s attached somewhere.

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The world may be going to hell in an economic handbasket, but this stuff just keeps coming.

The NWLC has some late news on the legal front for women; (more…)

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