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160206 – Update: Lohana Berkins died this week. ILGA has this to say:

We mourn the loss of Lohana Berkins


Each year the Center for Women’s Global Leadership at Rutgers highlights sixteen women, men and organizations that standout in the fight against gender violence. Representing December 1st, is:

081201 – Lohana Berkins


Travesti* Activist

Lohana is an Argentine activist and the founder of ALITT (Asociación Lucha por la Identidad Travesti y Transexual/Association Fighting for Travesti / Transexual Identity). In addition to having run for legislative seats for left wing parties in Argentina, Lohana has organized prisoners, prostitutes, travestis, feminists, gay men, lesbians and poor youth to combat abuses. (more…)

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