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Not a Ho!

An American woman has been promoted to four-star general – the first to reach the US army’s highest rank. This is the same rank General George Patton, III, achieved.

What New Hampster SAID.

See, knowing how to multitask is a good thing!  Who else can run the Army’s Materiel Command?

Here is my complaint. There are 43,600,000 references in Google so far about this event; 522,000 call her a female; even Wikipedia.

Look at the list, Kansas City Stat, CNN, LA times, MSNBC,UPI, Washington Post, Miami Herald, etc. 

Women are not dogs, they are not a description derived from a police log. Females are not the opposite of men. Females are the first step on the road to Ho’s.

Stop it! STOP IT NOW!!!

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