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Note-Violet over at the Reclusive Leftist had a great blog today and her redesigned site looks great!

Take a look and be sure and check out her link on Jimmy Carter’s comments about women and and religion there or HERE. It turns out to be a riff off  the “Sentiments” Below.

Of course, you know that today is the 161st anniversary of the First Woman’s Rights Convention, don’t you?

Out of this convention was produced the “Declaration of Sentiments”, and a myriad other events which propelled women’s rights forward. Even though we sometimes might think we will break from the load of injustice we see and experience, some goals have been achieved.

Click the link above and review. How many sentiments do you think have been met so far?

The National Woman’s Hall of Fame In Seneca Falls Is putting on a celebration of the event. Can you make it?

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