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WordPress provides a good format for my scribblings. $29.95 isn’t a lot of money for what is essentially a vanity blog, that is to say, a self-published vehicle for one’s own thoughts.

I suppose that if WP gets enough people like me to spring for it, $29.95 could add up to a tidy sum for them. That’s fine.

I want to say however, that when WP says they discreetly place ads and the regular readers will not see them, I object to this form of advertising. I further object to the ad placement being labeled as “discreet”. I prefer the word hidden.  A blogger should be able to see on their own site, what the reader sees, whether they are a “regular reader”, or not. At the least this practice is misguided, and could easily be viewed as deceptive.

In fact, there appears to be some question as to what a regular reader is. There is indication that a regular reader is counted by methods unknown to me. My husband is a regular reader, yet he was able to see the ads on my site. This suggests that readers are counted by links, or are themselves, WP members. Because I personally email my blogs to several people, including my husband, rather than through the WP subscription link, I suspect these folks are not being counted.

You will note  the Powell’s button in the right hand column. Powell’s is a corporation. Their button has been on this website from almost it’s inception. Powell’s is an independent US bookstore specializing in used books. As such, behind libraries, I view their efforts in the light of the very best in American recycling, knowledge management, and learning.  Therefore, their button will stay.  With that exception, we are now hopefully AN AD FREE BLOG SITE!!

If you see any ads on this site please report them to the site administrator.

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