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Politico has provided below the text of the speech that was given to the CIA week. I urge you strongly to read it. It isn’t the word salad, I don’t think, of a dementia sufferer, but it is definitely unusual. Pence, on the other hand…a caregiver/enabler. The three points that I could tease out of this, aside from his media hatred, were: he wants a fully operational CIA secret service with few if any restrictions, he thinks we should be able to take over another country’s oil/assets,  because we wouldn’t have ISIS if we had done that in Iraq, and he is really focused on eradicating ISIS. Read it and make up your own mind. To me, this speech was really ominous.


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Update – Ok, maybe nobody understands this post. READ THE “HERE” LINK! Barry is saying that 18% of all SBA loans between 2000-20008 went to the Alaska Indians(ANCs) and that THREE/QUARTERS OF ALL SBA LOANS in 2008, went there. I DON’T CARE that it went to ANC’s as such. After all, it fed their families, they found the loopholes and it produced jobs. I CARE about the way in which it was used – SECURITY!@!, a lot of it out of state and to non indian subcontractors!?! If all that SBA resource is being used to buy security it doesn’t get spent on OTHER business. In addition, I want to know if these contracts counted as defense money and how. don’t you? I want to know WHY the SBA was so accommodating! Don’t you?

In light of Jeremy Scahill’s recent media vomit, I thought it would be useful to link a recent post HERE, from Tom Barry, who runs the “Border Lines” blog on, primarily, border, immigration, trade illegal drugs and environmental degradation. I urge you to read it.

I wonder if Scahill’s angry statements, Prince’s upcoming Vanity Fair tantrum, and the uproar they are sure to cause, is a hopeful ( I know, pretend I didn’t say that.) sign, and are indicative of a new direction. Things can only get better after they are fluffed out in the sunlight. I don’t know if we fully understand yet, the depth to which we have sold ourselves to profit. Maybe we are beginning to.

I want to stress that Barry’s post primarily relates to border issues. As such, what has happened in Alaska may only be a very small piece of this mess. However, it sure does give a whole new meaning to whatever anyone thought about that state’s politics.

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