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An interesting article on the equal pay issue. The diagrams show clearly just how much our overall wages haven’t changed, and women still make less: (more…)

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A deeply sardonic and racially impaired soul, Spengler is still often interesting, because his challenges present good practice on how to hear the skreee of the right wing rabid bat, but avoid the bite. Things are often partially right, but the presenter or presentation must still be rejected for other reasons.

Here, he explains “us” to “them”! Even though he is talking about “them” as Europeans, his populist explanation hit US elitist themes and I HAD to guffaw, to think he had given them breath.


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Yesterday a friend sent me an e-mail in reference to the Emergency Stabilization Act (Bail-Out Act). My friend is a good man, and he maintains an open interest and mind in current events. When he sent me this email I saw it as open inquiry to the sad state of affairs in which we find ourselves regarding the current economic crisis. We are all looking for answers and understanding. How did we get here? What do we do now? (more…)

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