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Lighting a candle for the folks in Turkey today.

Quake Topples Homes in Eastern Turkey, Kills 51

[A strong earthquake struck villages in eastern Turkey Monday, killing at least 51 people.The government initially said 57 people had died, but later lowered the death toll to 51.  It gave no explanation for the change. The 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit Elazig province before dawn, sending residents rushing into the streets….]


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Lighting a candle for the folks in Chile, and those in the path of a potential tsumami today.

Chile Quake Triggers Tsunami Alerts in Asia

Countries in the Asia-Pacific region are bracing for a possible tsunami following a massive earthquake in Chile.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii issued a warning for the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia and many island nations in the Pacific. A lower-level advisory was issued for the northern Pacific region.


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A year ago today, a 7.9 earthquake decimated homes, schools and lives in Sichuan Province, China. In an area still rattling nerves with aftershocks, the government is racing to meet the goal of housing all earthquake victims by 2010.

Recent speculations aside, earthquakes happen and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  In the mean time, NGO’s have been given an expanded role and are working together in the Province, with the Chinese Government. It’s a big job. As many as five million people were left homeless.

Sichuan Province is also the home of the largest panda preserve. The breeding center was destroyed in the earthquake and four staff members died. However, the new center is now under construction. In light of all the reconstruction, there is concern over whether the panda’s native habitat will be fragmented.

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