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Midnight regulations, Ptewi! More Bushco stuff to fix:

EPA Moves to Ease Pollution Rules

Power Plants May Be Able to Operate Longer Hours With Less Regulation

By MATTHEW BLAKE 11/24/08 3:55 PM

The Environmental Protection Agency seems on the brink of issuing a new regulation that would make it easier for power plants to operate longer hours — and emit more pollution.

Under the proposed rule, power plants would be able to measure their rate of emissions on an hourly basis instead of their annual total output. As long as the hourly emissions stay at or below the plant’s established maximum, the plant would be treated as if it were operating cleanly — even if its total annual emissions increased as plant managers stepped up output.


I Own My Vote, PUMA, The Denver Group, Just Say No Deal

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I could tell when I perused the Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post last evening that things are getting pretty heated in Colorado.  Worried Obots and other oddballs were leaving comments all over the article pages. So I wasn’t surprised to find this: (more…)

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