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Be sure and check out the underlined links below and this one to the Justice Dept. on Arizona’s S.B. 1070. Phoenix and Tucson Chiefs of Police are supporting declarations for the DOJ Brief.

This will take our  minds off oil?

Justice Department sues over Arizona immigration law

By JOSH GERSTEIN | 7/6/10 2:18 PM EDT

[The federal government filed a lawsuit Tuesday aimed at blocking a controversial Arizona law that gives local police and sheriffs the authority to question and arrest anyone suspected of being in the country illegally…]


I confess, I’m conflicted. It’s a bad law. It should go. This is a good decision on the part of the Justice Dept. In Sacramento, the City Council voted recently to ban trade with Arizona until  the immigration law is gone. While I had personally planned to order some rain barrels from an Arizona firm, in light of Sacramento’s  decision, I determined to hold off. Yet, I take the point that reform should be top priority and that states do have some rights of their own. It would be lovely to think  this court battle could wind up being a back door approach to reform. I think  however, that is an overly optimistic attitude. Take the time and refresh your memory of Tom Barry’s take on the Federal Government’s/Obama’s involvement to date. It’s always layers upon layers.

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