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Geez Shtuey!

–       Oh yeah, I remember, playfulness is the sign of a superior mind and all that…

“It is requisite for the relaxation of the mind that we make use, from time to time, of playful deeds and jokes”

~ St. Thomas Aquinas quotes

Well, you’ve got both, and how sneaky can you get!


1) I moved so much as a kid I tend to remember places by the foods I ate, and the landscape before I remember the people. Every time I moved back to S.F., Dave Brubeck”s “Take Five” would play on the radio coming over one of the bridges. It was a mystical experience always accompanied by appropriate angst and melancholy.

2) I like people, but they are exhausting to be around- I should have been a farmer or a tree hugger hermit. When you are with people you have to talk, and use words and explain yourself. Grunting, pointing and an eye roll or two are so much more satisfactory. Plus, there tends to be a big disconnect in my blogging life interests and those with whom I generally congregate. This leads to a lot of extra work just to get to the starting point of a discussion for those subjects. I always have admiration for those who have oodles of words, can be the life of the party and feed off of it.

3) I’ve been told I think like a “man”, whatever that means. (Venus? Mars? Free sex? Since I wound up in a “man’s” trade, I guess it’s a good thing I like them generally and like being around them. Don’t pass that info around however; it’s not the kind of discussion to have standing on a swing stage on the side of a building, or a roof. (Too much information, not enough explanation! What does she mean? Is she coming onto me? My God, my wife was right! I’m 40 stories up the wall with a crazy person!)

4) I love music, but it’s an intense experience. So, I can’t have music on if I am doing anything else, except maybe vacuuming, and sometimes driving. Since I am usually doing something, I don’t listen to much music.I love plays, symphonies, musicals, and maybe a little opera, and underground movies, but I never go anymore. I like the Dead, Santana, Celtic, John Cage, Heavy Metal, Pink, Blondie, Doors, Chilean, Sousa, Mexican polka, Jazz, some blue grass, the Animals, Prince, Acid Rain, B- 52’s, 40’s bebop, African, Reggae, Marley, – really it’s easier to say what I don’t like – rap, hip-hop, and western. Especially western! Especially modern western!!! I can live with some old country and backwoods folksong.

5) I do travel in my RV a lot and like ferreting around the back roads at my own pace. I just found out I might have something in common with Elisabeth Hasselback (Horrors!)– Celiac Disease. The RV, with its kitchen, might turn out to be my main source of travel. I guess it’s a good thing I like to cook from scratch as well. The RV also carries books, which is another good thing, since I like to read, read, read, and tend to collect them wherever I go.

6) Until recently I spent my workday absorbing a lot of minutiae and then dutifully regurgitating it. (Did you tie off? Did you check the scaffold ties? I cannot tell you to stop work, but I will not pass this area because you have failed to nail it off 3 inches on center, staggered. Where is the bill of lading that indicates this is lead free solder? You must return that mop bucket bitumen to the kettle, it is below 300 degrees. That’s interesting, why did you do that? Show me in the specifications where it says you can do that. What do you mean you don’t have the specs? You are scarring the aluminum, change your razor blade. I don’t give a rat’s ass if you have been doing that way for 15 years or not, it’s wrong and take it out! I told you, I’m not getting on the rig with you until we check the tie offs!) I’m trying to decide if I want return to this lovely and fulfilling line of work.  Unfortunately, I’m pretty good at it, and there is a need. Perhaps, if I get the aforementioned Celiac thingy under control I may. It seems to have been sucking my energy for some time. The improvement since I went off wheat has been pretty stunning.

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