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More fun? with food.


Since February 18th the USFDA has initiated an estimated additional 118 food recalls. Of these, 109 were peanut/salmonella related reports of possible contamination in bars cheesecakes, snack, pet snacks and nuts. This would appear to bring the total peanut recalls to approximately 423. Go HERE to see the latest.

The FDA list is now so long that it is difficult to visually search. However, by doing a keyword search on the page I was able to find several items. For example, in doing a word search for “dog” I found 7 listings of pet snacks. “Just Desserts” was listed once.


The FDA announced that SunSprout Enterprises, Inc. recalled “Alfalfa Sprouts, Onion Sprouts, and Gourmet Sprouts” because of Salmonella in products distributed in Nebraska and Iowa.


In related news, the US FDA has commenced a recall on Peregrina Cheese Corp for it’s Queso Fresco Fresh Cheese.

Tortillas, etc.

In addition, the US FDA has CLOSED Del Rey Tortilleria Inc. of Chicago, Il, for repeated violations and failure to correct their actions. There are however, no associated recalls.

While some continue to marvel over the odd idea that salmonella could survive in a peanutty environment, it’s clear that being hired to do “a” job is not the same as being hired to do “the” job.

The reality is that the people producing the products hire the private inspectors. State inspectors inspect to state standards, which vary depending on the finances of the state, and local antagonism to perceived bureaucracy. Only federal government can maintain uniform minimum standards. Of course, we have seen what “Starving the Beast” can do in the last 30 years. Like everything else, you get what you pay for. People, resources, and money must maintain and support those federal standards.

There is a reason that a federal inspection costs $8000, as reported, while the private inspector cost $1000. It’s not because wages are so much lower in Georgia.

Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 

In the mean time H. R. 875, entitled the “Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009” has been presented to the House of Representatives and referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce, and to the Committee on Agriculture.

If you want to read it, it can be found by going to the LOC Thomas website HERE

Enter the Phrase “H.R. 875: Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009and it should pop up in the list for you.  I’m still digesting it, especially in relation to small farmers, organic farmers, etc. However, my first inclination is that food should have a separate and distinct agency from that of medications and devices. This bill would accomplish that.


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Another three announcements just arrived. These include: C&K (Ray’s Markets), Allann Bros.,  and Theo Chocolate. Check the link below.

Between February 16h and today, another thirteen announcements from the FDA, have been published on peanut related recalls. These would be in addition to the 292 recalls I reported on the 16th. There are so many on this list, it really is better to go directly to the FDA website HERE, and scan the list for yourself. Do not complacently think you are unaffected if you only eat organic. There are some organic labels on this list.

In addition to candies, cheesecakes, butters, and plain peanuts, products like Slimfast, trail mixes and a large number of protein bars are included. Some products are listed because, while they did not contain peanuts, they were produced in factory conditions where peanuts were processed.

In the meantime, yet another reason to grow your own tomatoes has arisen this year.


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