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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, and bridges, and roads, and schools and energy! The first time in years, whoever the next Transportation Secretary will some work to do, and maybe some money to do it with. I’m skeptical however, that we are looking at a proposal something like the WPA.  I think there is a better than average chance the next Economic Recovery Plan will looks like some T. Boone Pickens, or Bechtel business-plan. You think I want privately run toll roads everywhere else? I guess we’ll see:

Obama Plan to Create 2.5 Million Jobs by 2011

By Kent Klein


22 November 2008

President-elect Barack Obama is promoting his economic plan to create 2.5-million jobs in his first two years in office. Mr. Obama says the plan will put people to work rebuilding roads and bridges, modernizing schools and developing alternative energy sources. VOA’s Kent Klein reports from Washington.


President Elect Obama gave a radio address this time, and the transcript is aviailble HERE.


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