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This honorary role.

This keynote address. 

She will do it, and we will watch. We will understand that  as she speaks, she brings honor to herself, and she will attempt to heal the schism, because she must. To task her with this epic struggle can only be because, Obama and the DNC cannot touch this mess. 

News often is by timing and degree. Only a bit ago, a wave rose up, they will see it directed. They want her now to corral her own delegates and those others who agreed. How many now have signed their name? Only three hundred are needed. Pen in hand and honorary swirl will  place her in nomination. 

They want to shame her yet again, as though it is her mess. The DNC knows it’s not. The mess must be scrubbed, and the schism healed, or the party completely broken. Closing off each avenue will only increase wave pressure.

Clinton for vice president boosters–“Vote Both”–fold shop, realizing Obama tapping Clinton.

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The “Vote Both” drive–staffed by loyal former Clinton staffers–folds, realizing that booking Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) to be a keynote speaker at the Democratic convention means she is not on the list to be Obama’s running mate.

from “Vote Both”


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The latest counter offer from Denver, relative to the placement of anticipated protesters  at(?) the DNC Convention, is presented. The ACLU says they don’t have enough information to comment. 

I’m telling you, 200 feet away from the delegates, or is it to be 400 feet away? 

Protesters, with bullhorns. 

Caged behind cyclone fencing. 

This is bound to be a heck of a scary sight for those poor nervous delegates- better push it back another 100 feet just to be sure we don’t stampede them!

I wonder what the occupancy limit, for 53,000 square feet of “protest” set aside area, is?  Can we equal Invesco?

DNC planners designate spot for protesters at Obama speech

By Sara Burnett, Rocky Mountain News (Contact)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


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