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This is a bi-partisan effort:

[This is BIG NEWS: Tomorrow, July 24, a bipartisan amendment sponsored by Rep. Amash (R-MI) that restricts the NSA’s ability to collect data on our phone calls will be up for a vote in the the House of Representatives.

This is our first real chance to get a congressional vote to roll back the NSA’s grossly broad spying program—and we need to let our representatives know right away that we expect them to vote for it. The Amash Amendment would prevent the NSA from indiscriminately collecting the phone records of most Americans, including who we talk to, for how long, and how often. Instead, it will limit the NSA’s ability to collect these records to people who are actually under investigation under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (a pretty reasonable limitation!)..]

Click HERE for the site instructions!

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ABC has reported that President Obama will fight the release of additional detainee abuse photos, that the ACLU has requested.


 See the ACLU’s response HERE.

 Yah, why release more proof of your miscreant behavior, when you or someone in Congress might get sued for it….

 And, all this on the heels of Philip Zelikow’s  testimony to the Senate Hearing Committee today.

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Do we have a disconnect?

At the end of March, SOS Hillary Rodham Clinton and UN Ambassador Susan Rice announced to the United Nations that the US would seek a seat on the UN’s Human Right’s Council. Candidates to the Council will be chosen May 12th. As part of the process, candidates are required to produce a pledge. That pledge has now been published and is available to the public by following the links HERE.

The ACLU has evaluated the pledge HERE, and has determined that several points have been left obscure. Key among these is a lack of discussion on: fair trial standards, torture and detention, and government official accountability.

While the above points of contention, and another HERE, are much on our mind, it remains to be seen how they will affect our bid to UN’s Human Rights Council.  In any event, it’s clear that the Obama administration has set upon a position. If we want to fix our recent past, it does not appear that it will be through the pronouncements of the  executive or legislative branch of government.

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The ACLU could use little help. Seems a few of their regular contributors got stung by the Madoff bee. We are into the new year so I don’t believe contributions would count for 2008. However, the need is still there and contributions can be counted against 2009. 

In the  mean time, they have filed suit on the  discriminatory Arkansas Act 1 law that went into affect on January 1st:

ACLU Asks Court To Strike Down Arkansas Parenting Ban (12/30/2008)

Over A Dozen Families Affected By Act 1 Step Forward To File Lawsuit


CONTACT: media@aclu.org

LITTLE ROCK– The American Civil Liberties Union today filed a lawsuit seeking to strike down a new law that bans any unmarried person who lives with a partner from serving as an adoptive or foster parent in the state of Arkansas. 

At a press conference at the Arkansas State Capitol this morning, several of the plaintiffs described how Act 1, which is set to go into effect on January 1, impacts their families and why they decided to be part of the case.


PUMA, The New Agenda, 4ERA, 51 Percent

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When the War on Terror(ism) was begun, it crossed boundaries of countries, cultures, ethnicities, and race. It centered on a religiously extremist political grouping of people. Because of this wide net, Muslims of all religious varities have been subject to unusual scrutiny within the US and probably elsewhere.

However, we have in particular, chosen use racial proofing as an end to our means. (more…)

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The ACLU launched a voter outreach program today. It’s a little late for most states in terms of registration for the Presidential Election on November 4th

However, there is still some good information to be gleaned from their page HERE.

They have provided a map with information to be downloaded for each state and Washington DC. I downloaded a voter pamphlet from California. It took about 2 minutes on dial up. Since I have a Mac, the downloads are always interesting. Using Firefox, the download went directly to my desktop. Those of us that have Safari, or maybe some other system, always have to stare at a black or blank page for those two minutes. It’s disconcerting when the bottom of the page tells you your page has failed to load. Bear with it. Eventually you’ll get a two page fold out card. To print it, you’ll have to run it twice.

In any event, just to read what it says, zoom the page, and you’ll find fascinating information on your rights. These include your legal rights if you are homeless, are currently or have been incarcerated. Many who have been through the penal system can currently vote. However, it depends on the state and your conviction.

If you missed the deadline to register for this election, plan for the next.

I Own My Vote, PUMA, The Denver Group, Just Say No Deal


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A few years ago I took a trip, with my husband, granddaughter and dogs, to visit one of my daughters. At that time she was living in Leander, Texas. We rented an RV, picked up my granddaughter in Southern California, and proceeded along interstate 10 to El Paso, where we turned northward. As is my wont on trips, I found a lesser-used road, and drove smack dab into the middle of the Texas sage.  Bumping along at 55 mph, on a two-lane road, and 70 miles from El Paso, we were stopped by the Border Patrol. (more…)

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The latest counter offer from Denver, relative to the placement of anticipated protesters  at(?) the DNC Convention, is presented. The ACLU says they don’t have enough information to comment. 

I’m telling you, 200 feet away from the delegates, or is it to be 400 feet away? 

Protesters, with bullhorns. 

Caged behind cyclone fencing. 

This is bound to be a heck of a scary sight for those poor nervous delegates- better push it back another 100 feet just to be sure we don’t stampede them!

I wonder what the occupancy limit, for 53,000 square feet of “protest” set aside area, is?  Can we equal Invesco?

DNC planners designate spot for protesters at Obama speech

By Sara Burnett, Rocky Mountain News (Contact)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


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