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In case you have been hibernating under a rock, or vacationing on the Galapagos lately, there has been an ongoing debate over the state of Senator Obama’s “Birth Certificate” and citizenship. No Quarter has been keeping tabs. What is wanted, of course, is transparency, just like for all those IL State Senate papers we have never seen. Check this out and read the supporting links in the blog:

Birth Certificate: Obama, Soetoro, or Dunham?

By TexasDarlin on July 30, 2008 at 7:29 PM in Barack Obama, Certification of Live Birth, Dual Citizenship, Dunham, Indonesia, Soetoro, birth certificate, eligibility, hawaii

NOTE: This summarizes the status of our investigation and current theories. (Links at end.)


Anyone else think the family’s upcoming Vacation to Hawaii might be related to the quest for enlightment?

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To Him..

There is no loss in what you have done, only honor. 

The wave is coming, Let it lift you!

To Her..

There is no failure in this position; 

transformation is a hydra headed thing,

born out of unexpected places.

Bill Clinton is off to do what he would have done, had Hillary been president. Hillary is working hard for her constituents, and by her actions, for all of us. Check out Alegre’s Blog!


We’re not finished folks – not by a long shot!

They Attacked Him As a Racist

by: Alegre

Tue Jul 29, 2008 at 23:59:05 PM EDT


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In March I wrote this on a Topix Blog site:

[No- no! We must have this fight with those who bring them, the racist, sexist, religion bashing, money questions, who did what in the 90’s, who did what in Chicago, who’s hiding what where? All these words, these attitudes that we hold onto, dregs of the last century, must go into the fire we are building. Two candidates are going into the fire. While I think the phoenix rising out the ashes will have a female head, whoever it is will not resemble the original. We must leave no stick, no leaf for the Republicans to burn.

This is the Democratic transformation that will occur. Do not be faint of heart!]

At the time I wrote this exhortation, I was still imagining that the Democratic Party understood that the years of right wing tripe to which we, the public have been subjected, regarding the Clintons, was an attack against the whole of the Democratic Party itself. Ultimately then, fighting the fire of the right wing by stepping into the blaze was the good fight. Little did I know that instead of stomping on the flames, or forging a stronger animal, the DNC would instead attempt to cure the problem by cutting off it’s own body and bleeding all over the kindling. (more…)

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The Black Agenda Report has produced a wonderful synopsis of  events regarding the doling out of  digital TV channels to big media, thereby leaving out everyone else.  Is there any hope the next election season will be better?  What are we going to do about this? 

Big Media Steals 5,100 Digital TV Channels

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

“Acting as agents of the broadcasting industry, Congress awarded the already filthy rich a digital TV bonanza valued at $80 billion.”



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The Denver Group  has a new ad published in the printed CQ Daily. Check it out here! Plus, there was another PUMA sighting today:

Hillary protesters greet Dean in Charlotte


And, an interesting article appeared in the SFGate:

Democratic Party maybe presumes too much – about women

Robin Lakoff


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I guess I’m popular, since I just got notice of a scrambled spam, generated by using this text, off my site. Thus the change in title. Sorry for the inconvenience.


O.K.- So city employees, have their own gas pumps. I get that, Chicago has a similar set up and when I was there, around 2000, let cabbies use it tax free. Course, that was about time the city raised the prices, so the cabbies got stuck.  Hmmm… wasn’t that about the time Obama was involved in his great learning experience about “Gas Tax Holidays”?

But wait, these aren’t City employees per see, they are the DNCC! Well, I guess the Mile High City had to have some enticements to the get the Convention there.

But wait, isn’t this the candidate who said gas tax holidays don’t work?  Way to match the message to the action people!! I know! This must be Hillary’s fault!! Check this out!

[DNCC vehicles have gotten to pull up to city pumps for the past few months, with a price as low as $2.62 per gallon, while a contract for the gasoline usage seems to have been an afterthought. Records reviewed by Rocky reporters show 61 DNCC vehicles (out of a fleet of 450, stressed the party) gassing up at city facilities, racking up a bill of $11,141.53 as of a week ago.]


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Catch up on these blogs today:


Read all of Heidi’s blogs, but start with today’s on the latest DNC money grovel:

Her clear and concise arguments articulate the importance of  paying down Clinton’s debt, and supporting The Denver Group, PUMA PAC, and Just Say No Deal:



Riverdaughter’s comments  about Obama’s band and bratwurst laden event at the Tiergarden:



Ooh, Nuance’s comment on narcissism (Obama’s):

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Narcissist, Part Deux 



Gary’s comment’s on the media’s positonings:

When the Tingle becomes a Chill…

Posted on July 28, 2008 by garychapelhill



Remember this?

Barack Obama and Me

It was the year 2000 and I was a young hungry reporter in Chicago covering a young hungry state legislator

By Todd Spivak

published: February 28, 2008



Recent reports of PUMA sightings:


Obama campaign strives to unify Texas Democrats

Many Clinton supporters waiting to see how party treats her, who will be V.P. pick.

By W. Gardner Selby


Saturday, July 26, 2008



And last but not least, bostonboomer’s great synopsis of the 1968(Correction: Not 1972, What was I thinking?)DNC Convention:

Forty Years Ago in August

Posted on July 21, 2008 by bostonboomer



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PUMA, and Our Failure to Communicate. Continued…

As I spent the requisite time in the woodshed pondering my plight, it struck me that my ineptitude at PUMA swarming is a metaphor for a personal concern I’ve had since the beginning of February in this election season.

There is a disconnect in sending and receiving of political information. (more…)

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PUMA sent me a call to action today. I missed it. I was away from my computer. I don’t have them on instant messaging or texting. I missed it. The equivalent of a PUMA swarm happened and I missed it.  What to do with those slow on the uptake?

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Read this article and act NOWWW!!!

NO EXCUSES – Women Deserve Fair Pay

Senators Must Hear from Us NOW!


Click the “Take Action” Icon at the bottom of the above page to start.

 Don’t know your Senator? Go here!

Remember each state has two at large senators. Write both! If you live in a protectorate, write to the ones in the article.

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