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featherMaria Martinez (Maria Antonia Montoya)


Born: 1887 died 1980

Birthplace: San Ildefonso Pueblo, New Mexico

Renowned rescuer of an ancient pottery technique, Maria Martinez was interested in pottery from childhood. She was born of the Native American Tewa tribe. In general, pottery making was in decline during this period in her area, due to the gain of mass produced dishes. However, she was able to learn pottery from her grandmother. She gained early respect for her work. (more…)

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While it’s official that Hillary Clinton is nominated as Secretary of State, Bill Clinton is off working on his own lifetime project; the Clinton Global Intiative.

So, in the next two days we are going to get an immediate test of how well this articulation of POTUS Obama, SOS Clinton and EXPOTUS will work. (more…)

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160206 – Update: Lohana Berkins died this week. ILGA has this to say:

We mourn the loss of Lohana Berkins


Each year the Center for Women’s Global Leadership at Rutgers highlights sixteen women, men and organizations that standout in the fight against gender violence. Representing December 1st, is:

081201 – Lohana Berkins


Travesti* Activist

Lohana is an Argentine activist and the founder of ALITT (Asociación Lucha por la Identidad Travesti y Transexual/Association Fighting for Travesti / Transexual Identity). In addition to having run for legislative seats for left wing parties in Argentina, Lohana has organized prisoners, prostitutes, travestis, feminists, gay men, lesbians and poor youth to combat abuses. (more…)

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So Politico says it’s official!

[It’s official: President-elect Barack Obama has rolled out his national security team:  Senator Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State, Defense Secretary Robert Gates to remain, Eric Holder for Attorney General, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano for Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Susan Rice for Ambassador to the UN and General Jim Jones, USMC (Ret) for National Security Adviser.]

Katalusis has all the good links HERE.

Susan Rice’s position, as Ambassador to the UN is to be re-elevated to Cabinet Level, as it was under Clinton. This is a great thing in terms of our message to the world. Now, if we can just send our dues to help it function? We have used dues payment as political leverage; threatening to “keep our marbles”.  We still owe the UN a big chunk of money, and we better do something about it soon. The UN needs money to send it’s blueberries around the world and feed the kids.

Guess the new Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is the one to talk to about that!

I Own My Vote, PUMA, The Denver Group, Just Say No Deal

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