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Another three announcements just arrived. These include: C&K (Ray’s Markets), Allann Bros.,  and Theo Chocolate. Check the link below.

Between February 16h and today, another thirteen announcements from the FDA, have been published on peanut related recalls. These would be in addition to the 292 recalls I reported on the 16th. There are so many on this list, it really is better to go directly to the FDA website HERE, and scan the list for yourself. Do not complacently think you are unaffected if you only eat organic. There are some organic labels on this list.

In addition to candies, cheesecakes, butters, and plain peanuts, products like Slimfast, trail mixes and a large number of protein bars are included. Some products are listed because, while they did not contain peanuts, they were produced in factory conditions where peanuts were processed.

In the meantime, yet another reason to grow your own tomatoes has arisen this year.


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What Alegre SAID.


Domestic violence my ass! Take a look at a photo of the couple in The Buffalo News story HERE.


This needs to be called what it is-MURDER!


Who is talking about it and who isn’t? No NY Senator press releases yet.

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Every year the misinformation, helped by the retailers, that today is “Presidents Day” arrives on our doorstep, clothed in bunting and waving flags. Well it’s not! Today is Washington’s Birthday Holiday, folded into the holiday parade of the “Uniform Monday Holiday Act” in 1971. (more…)

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And so, as comes to us all, the catastrophe happens. Left by me, and inspired by my hubby gleefully bounding into bed, my laptop soars too high and crashes like Icarus onto the night floor; a mangled body, it’s screen feathered and veined, chirping brokenly. (more…)

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