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Every year the misinformation, helped by the retailers, that today is “Presidents Day” arrives on our doorstep, clothed in bunting and waving flags. Well it’s not! Today is Washington’s Birthday Holiday, folded into the holiday parade of the “Uniform Monday Holiday Act” in 1971. (more…)

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As I indicated in an earlier blog, I think these meetings can only be considered a skirmish in the battle to end caucuses. However, they are important in that they keep the spotlight on the subject. Democrats must make their views known. Reform alone is not enough!

Texas Dems considering changes in primary/caucus system

October 19, 2008 by End the Texas Two Step  

[ARLINGTON — Local Democratic voters called for reforming or abolishing the so-called Texas Two-Step at a hearing Friday, with several describing the well-attended precinct caucuses after the March primary as “chaotic” “discriminatory” and “corrupt.”…]



I Own My Vote, PUMA, The Denver Group, Just Say No Deal

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If you live in Texas, read the latest from Change the Caucus.  Be sure and attend the next hearing if you can in El Paso Saturday, Oct 4th: (more…)

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It was hard enough just to get through the Texas Two Step. Read Capitol Annex’s latest on the status of voting in IKE affected areas: (more…)

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The USA is currently unable to democratically elect a presidential candidate!

Voting has already begun in places like Virginia, and other states are still trying to register voters, yet we are just getting ready to have our first debate on Friday between McCain and Obama. I turn your attention to this recent article:

High Turnout, New Procedures May Mean an Election Day Mess

By Mary Pat Flaherty

Washington Post Staff Writer

Thursday, September 18, 2008; A01



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Get involved today! Be a Poll Worker or a Poll Monitor!

An interesting kerfluffle has arisen in Michigan. No doubt the Obama campaign had an ulterior motive in picking Michigan. After all, they have a lot of PR work to do in making up for their own delegate theft. That Michigan might turn out to be one of the battleground states, makes the stakes all the higher. So recently this little tidbit came out:

Former GOP operative explains why Republicans will use foreclosure lists to block voters

By EARTHA JANE MELZER 9/15/08 10:05 AM

Unfair but “probably” legal, using foreclosure lists provides a cheap and effective strategy for McCain campaign (more…)

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As Darraugh Murphy said, We ARE the ones no one was expecting! 

Riverdaughter articulated the idea well with her inaugural article in June:


If accomplishments and events are markers for our life, it seems like this weekend is a good time to put a few together in one list.

Puma PAC and coalition members have assembled in Denver. Activities and links to other groups can be found on the I Own My Vote, Just Say No Deal, Puma Pac, and The Denver Group websites. Offices are set up, and media in the ready, on site bloggers are active NOW. The organization of these groups, assembled since June, is testament to real grassroots, and not the Obama AstroTurf to which we have been subjected the last several months. (more…)

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Help to Get Rid of Caucuses!!

Change the Caucus Org. just put out this notice. Help to end the caucuses!  Boyd L Richie probably wants to hear the word reform rather than dissolution. That he set this up for after the DNC convention is an indication of where he is trying to direct this. Tell him what you think, and try to attend these meetings: (more…)

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As a person who has had to spend a fair amount of time writing technical reports in my life, the effort of viewpoint blogging has been a new stretch. I’m used to having to present facts, or evaluations as part of my writing, and not offer my personal thoughts. In the world of blogging, just like everywhere in the media these days, facts and even evaluations are not readily available or must be researched, themselves.  A web search of keywords, as we all know, can reveal hundreds of thousands of hits. However, if we spend the time winnowing through them, we often discover the hits spring from a few recycled sources. We spend so much time looking, it’s disturbing to find expectations don’t match the message. (more…)

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Sometimes Things Turn Out Unexpectedly

“Fancy rules over two thirds of the universe, the past and future, while reality is confined to the present.”

Jean Paul Richter

 In the late seventies, due to economic changes and events in my family, we found ourselves in a small town in Eastern Washington, where my husband had obtained a job. It was a fragile time. I had left college again as a consequence of this necessary move, just as I had nine months prior, left work in order to go to back to school. Our daughters had left their friends and community roots. My husband, after working as an urban planner, took a job as laborer’s foreman at a nuclear power plant. (more…)

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