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What Riverdaughter SAID.

And get rid of the State Caucuses!

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Politico is reporting:

House passes jobs bill

The House narrowly passed a $15 billion jobs bill on Thursday, but only after Democrats beat back surprisingly vocal opposition from their conservative and liberal flanks.


Don’t get too excited, it’s the tiny one.

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As we reported on February 28th, Change the Caucus.org was asking folks to take and present a resolution, ending the Texas Two Step, to their precinct conventions on March 2nd.  Yesterday they reported:

“Resolution to Reform the Texas Two Step System Passes Precinct 231 in SD 14 in Travis County”

They are asking anyone else who may have taken and presented the resolution to their precinct to inform them of the results.

In the mean time, Politico has tallied the election results for Governor HERE.

The election is now going to be (D) White against (R) Perry. Take a closer look at the map and note how many folks voted Republican versus Democrat.

Imagine the future.

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Change The Caucus.org has put out a sample resolution to take to to the Texas Precinct Conventions, which will be be held fifteen minutes after the polls close tomorrow, March 2nd, at 7:15PM. See Below:

Take to Precinct Conventions: Resolution to Select All National Delegates Based on Presidential Primary Results

February 28, 2010 by End the Texas Two Step 
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On March 2, 2010, the Texas Democratic Party will hold precinct conventions across Texas in. Your precinct convention will take place at the same place where your precinct votes throughout the day on March 2. Check with your local Democratic Party to find out where your voting location is. The precinct conventions will be held 15 minutes after the polls close on March 2, so at 7:15 PM.

Please take a resolution to your precinct convention calling for a change to the primary/caucus system in future presidential election years so that all pledged delegates are allocated based on the results in the primary, instead of allocating 65 percent on the primary results and 35 percent on the caucus results at the precinct conventions. All voters should count equally in the process to choose the Democratic presidential nominee. Many people are unable to return to attend precinct conventions on election night, but they are able to vote earlier in the day, by mail or during the early voting period.

Below is a draft of a resolution. You may use it as written or you can edit it to your liking, but the important thing is to take a resolution to your precinct convention on March 2.

Resolution to Select All National Delegates Based on Presidential Primary Results

Whereas, it is a Democratic Party principle that each Democratic voter’s vote should have equal weight;

And the presidential selection caucus system makes some Democratic voters’ votes more important than others;

Whereas, it is a Democratic Party principle that all Democrats should have easy access to the ballot;

And the presidential caucus is unavailable to many Democratic voters because of the weekday evening hour if they work, have small children, are disabled, are homebound, in the military or out of county;

Whereas, Democratic voters are allowed to cast their primary vote by mail or during the two weeks of early voting to accommodate varied working and travel schedules as well as the needs of those over the age of 65 and the disabled;

And the caucus vote is at only one hour on one day;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Texas Democratic Party shall institute true democracy in the presidential primary process by abolishing the hybrid system of allocating presidential delegates by a combination of primary and caucus results and instituting a delegate allocation system based solely on the presidential primary results.

Passed by the precinct convention held in Precinct ____________ Senatorial District ___________ on March 2, 2010.

Caucus Chair

Caucus Secretary

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