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Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts Tomales Bay Foods, Inc. Issues A Voluntary Recall of Two Cheeses Because of Possible Health Risk.


Partial wheels totaling 133 lbs. were distributed to CA, NC and FL.  The cheeses were:

  1. Shepherd’s Way; Big Woods Blue, make date: 7/19/2011 -7/27/2011
  2. Tumalo Farms; Pondhopper  pack  date 6-28-2012

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NRC to Suspend Nuclear Plant Licensing; Kucinich: Are we are witnessing the end of nuclear? | Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich.

Can it be wonderfully true? Nuclear plant construction got suspended before and came back to haunt us.

Consider this recent POST from the Tri-City Herald in eastern Washington. Cleaning up the Hanford site is projected to cost only 12 billion, down 3 billion from last year’s projections. At least most of the waste was kept at the site. What is it going to cost to deactivate and clean up other aging reactors and their dump sites?

Click on  the map below, taken from the NRC website. It indicates 104 operating power plants. Even if it only costs 10 billion a piece to clean them up in today’s  money, it’s still more than pocket change- and that doesn’t even include the dump sites.

From NRC.gov “Nuclear Power Sites”

I can’t think of a worse way to saddle a small state with future woes, like say Yucca Mountain,  unless it’s fracking.

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Peace Action West is asking for contributions for their selected list of candidates. Here is a link.

They are asking support for:

  1. Raul Grijalva
  2. John Garamendi
  3. Pete Stark
  4. John Hernandez
  5. Mark Takano
  6. Janice Hahn
  7. Joe Miklosi
  8. Suzanne Bonamici
  9. Darcy Burne

If you have the finances, please consider contributing either directly or through Peace Action West.

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NASA’s Image Gallery

Here is a NASA link to the landing and other imaging ongoing in relation to the Mars Rover landing:

Image Gallery.

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