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Holding Up Religous Freedom

You’ve got to give props to Rep. Henry Waxman. He’s willing to go where many fear to tread, even to Germany. Oh, I know it’s important, and little wedges can make big trees fall, but still…


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The Feminist Majority has compiled this year’s list of threats to women’s rights.

Top Ten Historic Advances for Women Now at Risk

Link to: HerVotes

I must say that I was glad to see this list; one of the underreported elements of job loss in the public sector is how it is disproportionately affecting women. Because public service jobs were more likely subject to affirmative action requirements, a larger number of women were afforded the chance for a good job with decent benefits. Public service jobs were  representative of wages we were all supposed to be getting, but lost during Reaganomics, the loss of union influence, the BushCo push to make small business into the new poor class, and set up the slurpy with straws for Federal  money into religous non-profits 

So the loss of these jobs, forcing women back into minimum wage survival is viewed by me as the greatest attack on women’s rights in the last 50 years.

Of course all those foes had help. The unleashing of the oligarchs was part of the pincer attack.   Then came the Great Bushco push to force retirement funds into bed with corporations instead of investing in their own state. It went a long way to tear down the house.

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