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Mitt’s Whiteboard on Medicare.

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Thoughts in progess:

Representative Paul Ryan has “street cred” in that, as a politician he has built a strong track record. He has dependably sponsored or co-sponsored rightist bills in the Congress. If he were a corporate climber at 42 he would be at or near the top of his game. In politics the early 40s are a magic age-young enough, like Kennedy, to carry the youth vote, but old enough  to have weathered a few storms.

Ryan is eye candy for the young, in your face, turgid and ready to rape Libertarians, Tea Party, wing nut wringers and other folks how want a say in how government works.

What would be his real role as VPOTUS? Contitutionally, aside from taking over as POTUS if that person should become incapacitated, Ryan’s only other prescribed role would be to act as President of the Senate and vote as tie breaker in a deadlock on a bill. There is little doubt that in such an event Ryan would act as a consistent NO!! ( Nay!!!) to any bill that does not meet the right wing agenda, unless directed differently by Romney. His elevation to the Senate floor would undoubtedly make passage of many bills more difficult. This is likely to leave Congress even more deadlocked.

Governor Romny’s choice of Robert Zoellick, former World Bank Group president, to head Romney’s national-security transition, reinforces the idea that Ryan is eye candy. Zoellick’s official anouncement will not be until after the Republican Convention, apparently because neocons are already screaming.

Aide Richard Grenell‘s choice and  resignation is another example of Romney’s stray from the hard line fence of right wingers.

This is a work in progress, feel free to add. I’m going searching for more information. However, so far these examples suggest that Romney, like Obama did is 2004, is manipulating the press to build a persona, having little to do do with his actual platform.

It’s time to pay attention to the written word again. Debate transcripts, speech transcripts, convention transcripts- all of these are the words of the man, not uTube, ads or the flash of the camera.

As a Leftie, I won’t be voting for Romney, but I will be reading what he has to say. If Romney has been willing to place Ryan within striking distance of the Senate and does not agree with Ryan’s beliefs, it is a truly appalling decision.

Democracy in Action has a page, current to August 15, 2012 indicating  the General Election Staff for Romney. A large portion, if not majority, of them appear to have been affiliated with President Bush’s campaign. Either not all of the State managers have been named as yet, or else the webpage people are behind in their typing.


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Germany debates plan to pay stay-at-home moms.



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