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Want to reform the Democratic Texas Two Step? changethecaucus.org has announced a meeting for 9-11 AM Friday, June 25, 2010, at the State Convention in Room 225 D-E, American Bank Center.

Check HERE for the full notice.

Several precincts have be able to get resolutions passed in their March conventions proposing changes to the rules, which in turn then made it through then the process approval at senatorial district, or county conventions.   They are to be considered next by the Rules Committee at the State Convention.

Change the Caucus Org needs volunteers to collect signatures on a petition, to persuade folks to get the party rules changed.

They are also looking for folks to run for election to the Rules Committee who are interested in changing the Party Rules.

If you have questions or you can help collect signatures on Friday or Saturday, please contact Scott Cobb by email at scottcobb99@gmail.com. You can also call Scott at 512 552 4743 or Linda Burgess at 512 529 7235.

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What Riverdaughter SAID.

And get rid of the State Caucuses!

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As we reported on February 28th, Change the Caucus.org was asking folks to take and present a resolution, ending the Texas Two Step, to their precinct conventions on March 2nd.  Yesterday they reported:

“Resolution to Reform the Texas Two Step System Passes Precinct 231 in SD 14 in Travis County”

They are asking anyone else who may have taken and presented the resolution to their precinct to inform them of the results.

In the mean time, Politico has tallied the election results for Governor HERE.

The election is now going to be (D) White against (R) Perry. Take a closer look at the map and note how many folks voted Republican versus Democrat.

Imagine the future.

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Change The Caucus.org has put out a sample resolution to take to to the Texas Precinct Conventions, which will be be held fifteen minutes after the polls close tomorrow, March 2nd, at 7:15PM. See Below:

Take to Precinct Conventions: Resolution to Select All National Delegates Based on Presidential Primary Results

February 28, 2010 by End the Texas Two Step 
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On March 2, 2010, the Texas Democratic Party will hold precinct conventions across Texas in. Your precinct convention will take place at the same place where your precinct votes throughout the day on March 2. Check with your local Democratic Party to find out where your voting location is. The precinct conventions will be held 15 minutes after the polls close on March 2, so at 7:15 PM.

Please take a resolution to your precinct convention calling for a change to the primary/caucus system in future presidential election years so that all pledged delegates are allocated based on the results in the primary, instead of allocating 65 percent on the primary results and 35 percent on the caucus results at the precinct conventions. All voters should count equally in the process to choose the Democratic presidential nominee. Many people are unable to return to attend precinct conventions on election night, but they are able to vote earlier in the day, by mail or during the early voting period.

Below is a draft of a resolution. You may use it as written or you can edit it to your liking, but the important thing is to take a resolution to your precinct convention on March 2.

Resolution to Select All National Delegates Based on Presidential Primary Results

Whereas, it is a Democratic Party principle that each Democratic voter’s vote should have equal weight;

And the presidential selection caucus system makes some Democratic voters’ votes more important than others;

Whereas, it is a Democratic Party principle that all Democrats should have easy access to the ballot;

And the presidential caucus is unavailable to many Democratic voters because of the weekday evening hour if they work, have small children, are disabled, are homebound, in the military or out of county;

Whereas, Democratic voters are allowed to cast their primary vote by mail or during the two weeks of early voting to accommodate varied working and travel schedules as well as the needs of those over the age of 65 and the disabled;

And the caucus vote is at only one hour on one day;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Texas Democratic Party shall institute true democracy in the presidential primary process by abolishing the hybrid system of allocating presidential delegates by a combination of primary and caucus results and instituting a delegate allocation system based solely on the presidential primary results.

Passed by the precinct convention held in Precinct ____________ Senatorial District ___________ on March 2, 2010.

Caucus Chair

Caucus Secretary

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League of Women Voters Celebrates Milestone Birthday

Washington, D.C. – The League of Women Voters celebrates its 90th birthday on Sunday, February 14th. Known widely for its voter education efforts, this non-partisan, government watchdog group has been an American institution since 1920.


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The FEC reports that the US Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit, on November 12th, affirmed Pennsylvannia’s Court decision regarding Berg V Barack Obama, et al. For all the documentation regarding this, go HERE.

Lest you have forgotten, this case attempted to present evidence regarding Obama’s ineligibility to run for and serve as  president, However, the lower court determined that Berg was not personally injured, and therefore had no standing to bring the suit.

Having taken a brief gander a the appeals court’s opinion, as a non expert, it looks like Berg’s suit was a mess. See what you think.

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Note-Violet over at the Reclusive Leftist had a great blog today and her redesigned site looks great!

Take a look and be sure and check out her link on Jimmy Carter’s comments about women and and religion there or HERE. It turns out to be a riff off  the “Sentiments” Below.

Of course, you know that today is the 161st anniversary of the First Woman’s Rights Convention, don’t you?

Out of this convention was produced the “Declaration of Sentiments”, and a myriad other events which propelled women’s rights forward. Even though we sometimes might think we will break from the load of injustice we see and experience, some goals have been achieved.

Click the link above and review. How many sentiments do you think have been met so far?

The National Woman’s Hall of Fame In Seneca Falls Is putting on a celebration of the event. Can you make it?

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Cambodian human rights leader and parliamentarian is in imminent peril of jail and silencing. You can speak for her! Make a call today!

See Alegre’s site, HERE.

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In recognition of Women’s History Month, which is this month, in case you didn’t know, The National Women’s Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, NY has named it’s 2009 inductees for the Hall. 

I went to Wikipedia and linked, where I could, their names to any information about these women. I must tell you however, as has been noted before for other women, who are not actresses or singers, there is a paucity of information. Clearly someone needs to dedicate time to Wiki in this area.

To be inducted in to the Hall is a great honor in recognition of an extraordinary life. This year’s inductees are:

Louise Bourgeois

Dr. Mildred Cohn

Karen DeCrow

Susan Kelly-Dreiss

Dr. Allie B. Latimer

Emma Lazarus

Dr. Ruth Patrick

Rebecca Talbot Perkins

Dr. Susan Solomon

Katherine Stoneman

On October10-11, these women will be officially inducted, along with three historical figures, during the Seneca Falls celebration that marks first women’s rights convention in 1848 and the 72 year struggle for women’s suffrage.

Perhaps between now and October, some of us can memorialize the celebration and acknowledgment these women deserve.


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It’s a perfect example of the kind of crap the public has to put up with- the fate of S.160.

Here was a simple clean bill that would have finally allowed Washington DC, after close to 200 years, to have representation and the right to vote. All it took was a simple exchange, allowing one additional House Representative for Utah.

But no, Representative Travis W. Childers of Mississippi, has to drag DC gun control into the thing. In some sort of tit for tat, Iowa’s Harkins even got the FCC involved. The League of Women Voters and others wrote endless letters, begging that no amendments be added to the bill. That effort was to no avail.

Now Steny Hoyer is trying to strike some sort of deal where the gun control amendment is separated into it’s own bill.

This is what it comes to. The DC folks and their supporters are apparently supposed to barter for suffrage by giving up their own laws regarding gun control. Well, I think it stinks!!!

Shame on you, Travis W. Childers!

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