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League of Women Voters Celebrates Milestone Birthday

Washington, D.C. – The League of Women Voters celebrates its 90th birthday on Sunday, February 14th. Known widely for its voter education efforts, this non-partisan, government watchdog group has been an American institution since 1920.


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As Darraugh Murphy said, We ARE the ones no one was expecting! 

Riverdaughter articulated the idea well with her inaugural article in June:


If accomplishments and events are markers for our life, it seems like this weekend is a good time to put a few together in one list.

Puma PAC and coalition members have assembled in Denver. Activities and links to other groups can be found on the I Own My Vote, Just Say No Deal, Puma Pac, and The Denver Group websites. Offices are set up, and media in the ready, on site bloggers are active NOW. The organization of these groups, assembled since June, is testament to real grassroots, and not the Obama AstroTurf to which we have been subjected the last several months. (more…)

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I just got another donor request pleading for donations to the DNC. This prompted me to think about the status of Obama/McCain donations. As you are probably aware, we don’t usually get to see the data until around the 20th of the following month. However, the Candidates campaigns must account for their funds accumulated on an end of month basis. The DNC is attempting to coordinate their push with the needs of all their candidates. Thus, the plea for contributions before midnight has arrived. I checked in with the League of Women Voters. See their thoughts on presidential campaign finance disclosure thus far:

League, Reform Groups Compare Senators McCain and Obama on Donor Disclosures

The League and reform organizations sent follow-up letters to Senators McCain and Obama seeking full disclosure of donor information on bundlers to their presidential campaigns. The groups also released a chart that compares how far each candidate has come in meeting the groups’ requests for transparency and disclosure.



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