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This is interesting timing:

Updated: Grand jury probes generous Richardson donor’s state contract

By HEATH HAUSSAMEN 12/15/08 11:24 AM

[The U.S. attorney’s office has convened a federal grand jury to investigate dealings between the state and a California company that was paid almost $1.5 million for work related to a contract it won around the same time it donated $100,000 to political action committees formed by Gov. Bill Richardson.

The grand jury probe comes after months of investigation by the FBI, whose agents, according to Bloomberg.com, have asked “current and former officials” from the New Mexico Finance Authority if any staffers in the governor’s office influenced the hiring of CDR Financial Products Inc. in 2004. The grand jury investigation was first reported today by Bloomberg….]


Murphy, over at PUMA ,wrote about it HERE.

I want to know how all these years of investigations are just now strong enough to bring to the light! I want to know why and who, of this mess. I don’t like the idea that the public is being managed. We all knew the Blagojevich thing was coming, yet we had to wait till just before the Guv was going to appoint a senator. Now, that act may have weakened the case against him because he didn’t actually appoint anyone? 

This all smacks of the sadly deficent period of our political life in the Clinton years, where the right wing rabid bats ruled by innuendo and accusation. Are they still? Let’s find out.

On the other hand, there is this: Audit, Audit, Audit! PUMAs can do something!

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